Best Careers in 2019

Best careers in 2019

The New Year is just born. Along with celebrations and bright hopes for the future, several worries are also clouding the minds of people all over the globe.As expected, the main anxiety revolves around education, jobs and money. When unemployment and overpopulation are taking over the world, it is increasingly becoming difficult to fetch a job amidst the cut-throat competition.

Many people are caught in the wrong jobs and others stay unemployed. Even in the midst of these worrying factors, there is still hope. If you plan your career in afield which is likely to flourish in the next decade, that will be the best solution to overcome career worries. But, it is important to remember one thing. The best careers of last year might not be the best ones in 2019. We list a few careers that are likely to be in demand in 2019.

Skills required in 2019

Careers that demand a flair for mathematics and science are still ruling the market. Apart from such jobs, technical ones are also in vogue. People who belong to these categories may find it much easier to find excellent jobs.

Top 10 careers of 2019

Althoughjob hunters seek satisfaction and self-fulfillment from their future careers, nothing can replace a handsome pay cheque. The latest report of US News and World Report lists some of thosehighly paid jobs. These are:

Business Operations Manager - Without these professionals, a company cannot achieve its ambitious end-goals. They coordinate several departments of the organization and execute tasks that requireexcellent soft skills. They hire fresh employees, negotiate contracts and supervise budgets. The efficiency of staff members could be attributed to the innovative company policies created by them. In the coming years, 205,200 new jobs arepredicted to come up in the US market.Despite the stress involved, the careeroffers growth and salary hikes.

Financial Advisor - The career suits candidates who can counsel clients about their finances. If you can come up with satisfactory solutions for those daily worries of clients, the career would feel tailor made. An amalgamation of business acumen and psychological knowledge fits the right candidate. With chances for salary hikes, the career could be preferred by talented candidates in 2019.

Marketing Manager - Are you a peopleís person who can get along with people and keep team members together? Apart from team building, these professionals are entrusted with the responsibility of hiring employees, managing budgets and churning out strategic plans. The opportunity to perform a diverse range of activities makes the position enticing for enthusiastic people. As per the report of US Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 20,000 fresh opportunities would come up in the next five-six years. Excellent salary is guaranteed.

IT Manager - In the modern world dominated by technology, the job ofIT managers is secure. These professionals ensure the excellent execution of any organizationís IT needs. Besides discussing technology related issues with officials, they take extra-caution to protect the company from cyber-attacks. IT Managers can get employed with a wide variety of institutions; both private and government run ones. If you possess technical skills and management abilities alike, the career will be aperfect fit.

Occupational Therapist - This job revolves around the ability of a person to help others deal with their problems, including physical and mental ones. It is a fulfilling career as patients who indulge inthese activities would be able to regain their health and come back to life. In the next seven years, this career is expected to record a stupendous employment growth in USA alone. Although medium stress levels are present, this career also promises growth within a short period of time.

Software Developer - The credit for technologies that make our life interesting belongs to software developers. In the increasingly digitalized world, the demand for talented software professionals is set to reach the sky as advanced soft wares and applications have become part and parcel of life. Technical prowess and creative mind are the essential requirements of a successful software developer. There is no dearth of jobs, especially in manufacturing industries and finance sector. Thousands of fresh jobs are expected to come up in the next few years. It provides job satisfaction as chances of recognition; better salaries and opportunities to move into better organizations are always available.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon - There was a time when surgeries aimed at beauty enhancement were taboo. Recently, the situation has changed and people prefer to approach oral and maxillofacial surgeons. It is a profession which has greater scope for innovation as the methods of surgeries are getting revamped. Thousands of new jobs are expected to open up in coming years. Despite the complex set of responsibilities, the job is prestigious and well-paid. Hence, it will be a good career choice to make in 2019.

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