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Simple and Quick Tips to Create the ‘Best’ First Impression in Job Interviews

Now that you are in for the interview, here is our hearty wishes – yeah! There will be more reasons to celebrate once your fresher job interview is a success. To make it a thriving experience and create the best first impression at a job interview, here are a few tips to follow. These are easy, yet massively effective. Read on: First of all, schedule some time for each of the following, as your job interview date is finalized:

1. Know your recruiter

seek the internet to know about the recruiting companies. Know the very basics, unique points, milestones, and timeline of events about the interviewing company. This will add up to your confidence level. For this, the official company website and social media page would help. You may also reach out to existing employees (if they are your friends, or friend of friend) to gather information on their work culture and other non-published information. With these, you can firmly comprehend with their company goals and fit yourself into the job role.

2. Get prepared for the most common questions

There is a set of job interview questions that are very ubiquitous: tell about yourself, your expected salary, what made you leave your previous job, etc. are some of these. You may surf the internet for such common questions and be prepared with the best answer and ideal approach while answering.

3. Dig deeper into the Job Description

Check out what exactly is the job description the company is looking for. Have a detailed eye for the requirement and discover your experiences that cater to the job role. Refer to your profile and check your skills and successful projects that are in-line with the recruiter’s needs. This can help you project yourself as a ‘fitting’ candidate for the profile among the bunch of other candidate database.

4. Assume yourself as the recruiter

you will feel more confident and well prepared if you answer to the job interview questions to yourself. Consider yourself as the HR consultant recruiter. A session of mock interview where you stand in front of the mirror and answer yourself may help. Or you may make your bestie as the recruiter and give him a set of questions, and give out your best answers aloud.

5. History of roles

The recruiter may want to understand your level of competence for the specific office jobs. So, go on and jot down your riveting experiences and job duties dispensed that are the same as the vacancy you are applying for. Check out the job description and set it against your profile. Curate your personal list of experiences, and successful projects pertaining to the job vacancy.

6. Trigger questions from your end

A job interview is a 2-way path where both the employee and the employer shoot their questions. So, why wait? Go on and pen down a few questions that you really need to get answered. The question may be about your job duties involved every day, or about how the company measures success in the job role, or how the performance will be measured, regarding the common challenges in the company, or others. Ultimately, be genuine in questioning the interviewer rather than simply trying to be a smart questioner.

Preparation Tips to Remember

1. Have your attire all set - Say, tomorrow is your interview, you should be all set and ready with your complete attire tonight. Remember that a few companies may have dress code at workplace. Try to gather such information well ahead of the interview and plan your attire accordingly.

2. What to carry in hand? It is ideal that you have at least 3 copies of your resume as hard copy in hand. This may be helpful when there are many interviewers. Also remember to highlight your notable milestones and accomplishments (using bold fonts or colors) so that it can be quickly referred to. Carry a notepad and pen along with you so that you may take notes if required. While smartphone can definitely help you with quick note making, using gadgets in the process of interview is generally not recommended.

3. Be early – arrive at the interview hall ahead of the interview by at least 10-15 minutes. There may be severe traffic or other hindrances while commuting. Why panic? Start earlier and reach earlier. Choose your transportation mode ahead. If you are opting for public transport system, pick the shortest way that also helps you maintain your neat attire. And as you arrive at the interview hall earlier, take time to observe the workplace in detail.

4. Huge differences with little things – a shining shoe, clean nails and neatly pressed clothes can largely make a difference in the way you are looked at. Have an eye for detailing on all these elements. Be confident and reserve your smile on the face.

5. Win with your Approach – Make sure to be and feel positive throughout the interview. Have genuine conversation with the interviewer. Carry the smile and positivity on your face. Be erect and full of energy so that the interview absorbs the good vibes from you which in turn will reflect on you. Make sure to be genuine in answering. Honest answers are much respected. Remember to point out your key strengths. After all, it is ‘you’ who can talk for yourself than anyone else.

These little tips while preparing for a job interview can make a whole lot of difference and make the best first impression. Though a few of these may sound so trivial and elementary, it matters much when it comes to recruitment. All the best. Keep up your energy and follow these tips, and success will follow!

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