Scope of MBA

Scope of MBA in India

An MBA (Masters in Business Administration) is a highly preferred course among Indian youths. The reason behind its popularity could be attributed to the vast array of prestigious career opportunities available for graduates. Who wouldn’t love a luxurious position in a swanky multinational organization, coupled with a fat pay cheque? When industrialization in India is set to reach fresh heights in coming decades, more and more jobs are expected to be churned out. To take good care of businesses, companies need well-trained, talented and promising MBA graduates. If MBA is in your mind, there is no doubt that you are on the right track with a bright future ahead.

What you learn in MBA?

The MBA program (General Management) deals with the diverse set of facets related to administration. The course is an elaborate learning experience which takes the student through topics like marketing, operations, strategy, finance and much more. A person’s leadership skills, analytical acumen and organizational abilities will be burnished effectively. Once the student makes it through the program, he/she will be in a position to handle strategy principles and corporate finance etc. This is why aspiring financial and management executives from India choose the prestigious course. The two-year long program is offered by institutions throughout the country. Before joining the program, it is important to assess your skills and personality. An MBA program suits people who are assertive and confident enough to influence a company’s decisions and lead a team with a level-headed attitude. You should be able to propose solutions and deal with stressful situations. If these qualities are part and parcel of your personality, an MBA program will definitely feel tailor-made for you. On the basis of aptitude, a student can opt for core courses. Few of the popular core subjects are finance, marketing, operation, banking, information technology, accounting, human resources, retail, international business, event management etc. Options are also available for candidates to choose specialization in the light of subjects learned for graduation. Indian colleges and universities offer the program on full-time and distance learning modes.

Careers after MBA

Along with financial institutions, opportunities are available in other sectors as well. Some areas like construction, engineering, agriculture and oil sector offer jobs with great salaries. Based on each person’s skills, posts like financial executive, marketing executive and department manager are available. In addition, popular job profiles include Brand Manager, Account Manager, Marketing Manager, Business Development Executive, Management Consultant etc. Few companies who are considered to be top recruiters are India Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd, Global Eagle Entertainment, JPMorgan Chase, Cisco Systems, Inc, Aditya Birla Group, Amazon seller Services Pvt Ltd, HCL technologies etc.

Business Operations Manager - Without these professionals, a company cannot achieve its ambitious end-goals. They coordinate several departments of the organization and execute tasks that requireexcellent soft skills. They hire fresh employees, negotiate contracts and supervise budgets. The efficiency of staff members could be attributed to the innovative company policies created by them. In the coming years, 205,200 new jobs arepredicted to come up in the US market.Despite the stress involved, the careeroffers growth and salary hikes.

Financial Advisor - The career suits candidates who can counsel clients about their finances. If you can come up with satisfactory solutions for those daily worries of clients, the career would feel tailor made. An amalgamation of business acumen and psychological knowledge fits the right candidate. With chances for salary hikes, the career could be preferred by talented candidates in 2019.

Marketing Manager - Are you a people’s person who can get along with people and keep team members together? Apart from team building, these professionals are entrusted with the responsibility of hiring employees, managing budgets and churning out strategic plans. The opportunity to perform a diverse range of activities makes the position enticing for enthusiastic people. As per the report of US Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 20,000 fresh opportunities would come up in the next five-six years. Excellent salary is guaranteed.

Business Development Executive - As the name suggests, a Business Development Executive is the professional who is expected to present goods and services of the company to fresh customers. Through good relationships, these fresh additions could be turned into loyal customers in the long run. Communication and negotiation skills reign supreme here as well.

Management Consutant - This job suits candidates who are good at problem solving. With the aid of business skills, they provide valuable advice and help companies to come up with better performances.

Salary & Benefits

In India, well-qualified MBA graduates can earn handsome salaries. In fact, sky is the limit for a candidate equipped with excellent soft skills, unwavering enthusiasm and enviable academic track record. Among the major sectors, management fetches the highest salary. It offers packages of around two to three lakhs per annum. Also, career growth is guaranteed and talented candidates could soon find themselves in the coveted list of professionals who earn six figure salaries, within a short period.

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